Old Renhornen

23sep20:00Old RenhornenSaturday, 23.09.2023, 20:00 o’clock

Old Renhornen

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Renhornen is well known in Lübeck and has already played at the Zolln for many years. If the weather allows it, they will perform open air of course.

Renhornen usually was a student orchestra connected to the university of Umeå and was established in 1961. Over the years it developed into a brilliant big band. Nowadays they are very popular throughout Scandinavia and even Lübeck. Four of the old members from 1966 ensure the traditional sound of the big band.

The members of the big band are connected to the university in one way or the other – may it be as a student, teacher or researcher. The big band already has international touring experience, for instance in Sevilla due to the world exhibition, at the Dixiefestival in Berlin or at the Nobel Prize Banquet in Stockholm.



saturday, 23.09.23, 20:00


Im alten Zolln

Mühlenstraße 93-95, 23552 Lübeck